RGBlink mini family: the compact streaming switcher

Everybody can stream now. RGBlink mini devices are simply the best way to stream and capture from four video sources of every type, regardless of resolution, all with the minimum fuss, maximum flexibility, and excellent performance.

Cast, present, and capture like never before and boost your webinar, online college, online meeting, or any other online event, with RGBlink mini.

And control PTZ cameras and have keying possibilities with RGBlink mini+.

Allow your meetings to go to the next level with a professional edge that will impress. And be an influencer today.

What is it?

RGBlink mini is an affordable and compact all-in-one 4 channel HDMI switcher, scaler, and streamer.

Switch seamlessly between any of the four HDMI inputs and output to both HDMI (for program output or preview) or USB 3.0 (for streaming).

Onboard features include PIP, transition effects, and external audio embedding, and with the mini+ feature pack, there is support for UVC PTZ cameras and DSK. Large buttons make quick actions easy, while the provision of the T-bar allows a smooth transition between sources, whether they be cameras or graphics. Compact in size, controllable via smartphone or computer, mini goes anywhere, and with handy features like the ability to mount to standard l/4in UNC accessories, mini is at home in any studio.

What can you do with it?

Create video content to take your business - any business - to the world and communicate with your followers.

Stream to online meeting apps such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and allow your meetings to go to the next level with a professional edge that will impress. Or stream to online platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

Use mini not only to stream but use the HDMI output to play-out live to a big screen display with the live feed or multi-view, or make a recording locally at high quality saving bandwidth and time.

For whom?

RGBlink mini is at its best when you need to show live footage from one or more cameras combined with graphics or a slideshow presentation coming from a computer screen. Think of:

companies doing webinars for product presentations;

educational institutes providing online colleges;

eSports broadcasters capturing the action beyond the screen as well as the online computer game itself;

organizers of online meetings who want to go beyond webcams and screen sharing and bring together all the video sources available.

etc, etc.