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Light Board

Light Board
Light Board
Light Board
Light Board
Light Board
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The AVITENG LIGHTBOARD for classrooms and presentations, the 90-inch (size can be changed regarding requirement) features a ultra clear glass panel lit by vivid LED lights, allowing teachers and presenters to present complex material while maintaining a human connection with students and audiences.

Outfitted with sturdy wheel and adjustable floor fixing apparatuses on both sides to ensure stability on wide, flat surface, the lightboard illuminates ink from the markers included the package in bright neon colors, making it easy for students to read whether they’re watching live or reviewing a recorded presentation.

This lightboard provides a crisp, scratch-resistant writing surface free of distracting smudges and streaks, with a total writing area that allows you to make eye contact with your audience and keep learners engaged with the material. Complete with built-in lighting, the product is the best lightboard for presentations. It ships with neon-colored markers and glass-cleaning accessories.

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