Datavideo TVS-1200 – Trackless 2 kanal HD SDI Sanal Stüdyo Sistemi

Datavideo TVS-1200 – Trackless 2 kanal HD SDI Sanal Stüdyo Sistemi
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Datavideo TVS-1200 – Trackless 2 kanal HD SDI Sanal Stüdyo Sistemi
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Sanal stüdyo komple set. Kolay kullanım. PC ve dahili yazılım HDMI giriş ve çıkış. RMC-220 uzaktan kontrol dahil.Dahili KJ, 2 Downstream keyers, 2 ayrı video player, dahili H.264 ve Mpeg2 kayıt, ses miksajı, Adobe Flash encoder, Ustream ve Livestream desteği.

The TVS-1200 Trackless Virtual Studio System from Datavideo is a computer-based 2D, real-time production solution with very high-quality live chromakeying. The TVS-1200 uses two fixed cameras and creates additional virtual cameras. This allows the director to zoom, pan, and tilt the cameras within the set. Its innovative virtual set maker enables users to create their own distinct, branded sets within minutes. Furthermore, with two camera inputs and two keyers, the TVS-1200 gives the user the capability to place two talents on one simulated set.

The TVS-1200 can be used in a remote scenario whereby the images captured by the two cameras at two different sites are placed on one single virtual set. Also Integrated into the system are tools to record the program output, broadcast live, and stream over the internet. The TVS-1200 provides PC PS/2 and USB connectivity for your monitor, keyboard and mouse (all sold separately).

A five-in-one system: virtual studio, switcher, character generator, recorder, and web streaming
Multi-language support
Audio embedding capability
Real-time streaming
Hard drive (HD) recording
Varieties of System Inputs with Front Object Integration
Two camera inputs
Media (videos) - two clips at the same time
Still images (bitmaps, text) - two at the same time
Text - two text compositions at the same time
Additional Media Features
A Media Bin is a simple-to-use interface that makes it possible to gather all the media necessary for program broadcast in one place
The media can be transferred from the bin to virtual players, used on air or as a source in virtual studios
The system has six bin tabs for four kinds of media: videos, still images, and text
Logo insertion on virtual scene
Virtual Background Features
Loads up to four virtual studio views simultaneously
Defines movements of a virtual camera in different phases within every studio
Configurable Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Multi-Point zoom
Virtual Studio backgrounds, which can be downloaded from Datavideo's virtual background database website
30 free virtual sets available for downloads
CG-loaded backgrounds imported from external files, or edited by Still Text Editor
Media Previews
Camera preview (one or two at a time, depending on system configuration)
Media preview (two at a time)
Still image preview (two at a time)
Text preview (two at a time)
Up to four virtual studio previews
PREVIEW - presentation of the next element prepared for broadcast
PROGRAM - presentation of the current program broadcast (system output)
Previews on multiple monitors
Video Processing Formats
Video processing: 4:4:4 16-bit floating-point internal processing
Inputs and outputs: YUV 4:2:2
Capture in output format: 4:2:0
Streaming: 4:2:2

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