Datavideo NVS-40 – 4 kanal Stream cihazı

Datavideo NVS-40 – 4 kanal Stream cihazı
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Datavideo NVS-40 – 4 kanal Stream cihazı
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  • Model: NVS-40
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4 kanal HDMI giriş encoder, 2 stream/kanal. 20Mb/kanala kadar ve dörde bölünmüş program çıkışı (Quad split)

The NVS-40 is a multi-channel video encoder, streaming unit, and recording station. This single piece of equipment ensures that you can send out multiple streams to different destinations in a variety of bitrates. NVS-40 can also record on a hard drive, so your production is safe in all cases. NVS-40 supports recording directly to the hard disk in master quality. Recording is also fully customizable with different GOP structures, frame rate and bit rate set up.

NVS-40 uses cutting edge encoding to ensure the signal to arrive in superior quality. The encoder can downscale and de-interlace each incoming signal to meet the destination specifications. Each incoming signal is dual-encoded. This means that each signal can be distributed in two bitrates. This gives the user an enormous amount of freedom and flexibility. NVS-40 can be used with all major streaming platforms and social media channels, such as YouTube Live, Facebook, Twitch, UStream, Akamai, Wowza, Adobe Media Server and Datavideo’s own DVS-200 server.

The NVS-40 offers extensive customization options. Each input channel has its own color correction options to customize brightness, contrast and saturation. Setting up NVS-40 is easily done with a very simple browser menu. This way, NVS-40 is accessible from any device on the network.

Going live on the internet is mandatory for any video producer at the moment. NVS-40 gives you all the features and capacity to produce the way you like without giving up reliability. It can replace multiple streaming encoders and recorders. NVS-40 is a cost-effective solution for any video producer that needs to deliver his or her production to multiple servers at the same time.

• 4 channel simple video streaming server
• Simultaneous Live Streaming & Recording
• Streaming to YouTube, Facebook and other live streaming platform.
• Four channel capture and streaming
• H.264/AVC High Pro le Level 4.1
• Configurable bit rate up to 30Mbps per channel
• Independent encoder settings for simultaneous streaming and recording
• Built-in de-interlacer
• Built-in video downscaler
• Isolated / PIP / PBP (Picture by Picture) video processing modes
• Dynamic Parameter Settings Adjustment: GOP structure, Frame Rate, Bit Rate

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