Datavideo NVS-25 – HD/SD SDI ve HDMI orta ve yüksek kalite streaming encoder/kayıtçı

Datavideo NVS-25 – HD/SD SDI ve HDMI orta ve yüksek kalite streaming encoder/kayıtçı
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Datavideo NVS-25 – HD/SD SDI ve HDMI orta ve yüksek kalite streaming encoder/kayıtçı
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HD/SD-SDI & HDMI & Composite giriş
H.264/AVC kodek , High Profile Level 4.0, GOP yapı: IBBP, IPPP ve IBP
Progressive çıkış için Dahili de-interlacer
DHCP Client, RTSP over TCP/UDP/HTTP , MPEG TS. RTMP, HLS (sadece Unicast)
USB belleğe H.264 kayıt özelliği (1TB'a kadar) @max 3Mb/s

Stream HD or SD video to the web with Datavideo's NVS-25 H.264 Video Streaming Server. The NVS-25 encodes incoming video to H.264 in real time and can send it to stream on the web while simultaneously recording to a USB drive. Having the recording is good for content creators who want their video to be available on-demand after the live stream is over. For ease of use the NVS-25 uses a simple web-based user interface (UI) that can be accessed from a standard web browser. The UI can configure the settings and also upgrade firmware from the web.

The rear panel has the input section and the network output. The NVS-25 can accept video from SDI, HDMI, or Composite sources. Audio can be routed into the stream from embedded audio in SDI or HDMI feeds, or from dedicated XLR and RCA audio inputs. Scaling and deinterlacing can be accomplished on any video input. Processing is done pre-encoding for better quality video. The front panel contains the status LEDs, the power switch, and a USB port. The USB port can output encoded video to a hard drive or flash drive.

High-quality HD / SD H.264 network streaming; H.264 / AVC video CODEC, up to High Profile Level 4.0
Embedded or External Audio
Audio inputs: select embedded or external audio source
GOP Structure Support
Supports 3 types of GOP structure: IBBP, IPPP and IBP
Deinterlacing Support
Supports de-interlace video streaming for progressive output
Easy-to-Use Web User Interface
Web UI for system configuration and FW upgrade
Front Panel Button Control
Front panel control for recording and streaming
Video Scaler
Flexible video scaler presets for streaming out
USB Storage Support
Attach USB storage device (Up to 1TB storage device)

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