Datavideo HDR-10 – Taşınabilir Slow Motion cihazı

Datavideo HDR-10 – Taşınabilir Slow Motion cihazı
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Datavideo HDR-10 – Taşınabilir Slow Motion cihazı
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HD/SD SDI harddiske kayıt özellikli slow motion cihazı. SSD Harddisk ve kontrol cihazı fiyata dahil değildir.

The HDR-10A Recorder and Controller from Datavideo includes a HDR-10 Highlight Replay Recorder and SH-1 Shuttle Controller. The HDR-10 Highlight Replay Recorder is capable of capturing specific, desired, or special scenes during any sports game. The captured scene is then output to the switcher as a replay. The HDR-10 also allows the user to store the chosen Highlights into removable compatible media (2.5" SSD recommended). The user controls the unit with a simple USB 2.0 compatible Jog/Shuttle wheel which has five function buttons.

The SH1 Shuttle controller supports three different modes; Capture mode, Review mode, and Replay mode. In Capture mode, the drop start cue sets the start point of a particular replay clip. In Review mode, you can save the clip, start Cue Drop/go to Start Cue, switch between Cue Drop or Go to, or end Cue Drop/Go to End Cue. This mode supports Jog function, wherein you can fine tune the clip frame-by-frame, and Shuttle function, wherein you can fast forward or rewind at 1x, 2x, or 4x speed. The Replay mode allows you to play the replay clip, repeat the replay clip for unlimited counts until the button is pressed again, switch between GPI trigger or Contour Shuttle Express controller trigger, or change the play speed.

The Datavideo HDR-10 Highlight Replay Recorder with HD/SD-SDI Input and Output is a single-channel replay solution that is suitable for club teams, high school sporting events, coaches training, and smaller productions needing replay. It constantly buffers the past 30 seconds of program-out signal (or any ISO signal connected) on its internal 4GB buffer. Using a jog shuttle control (available separately), you can scan back the past 30 seconds to play at any point and at any speed on a separate monitor. In addition, the jog shuttle control lets you mark and record highlights from a sporting event, then instantly play it back on your switcher with ease. Since the HDR-10 is a standalone unit, it can be used without a switcher if only one camera is being used for an event. Video replay clips can be stored on a removable solid state drive (available separately) for future playback or highlight reel.

Single-channel 3G/HD/SD- SDI input, output and loop-through with embedded audio
Internal 4GB buffer to capture and review the event
Jog/shuttle knob as a control input device (available separately)
GPI interface allows other devices such as switcher to trigger the playback
Recorded videos are saved in MOV format
Supports NTFS format without 2/4GB file size limitation
LISN (Local Interconnect Synchronous Network) connection between the main unit, remote controller, and other devices

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