Datavideo HDR-1 – HDMI USB MP4 video kayıtçı

Datavideo HDR-1 – HDMI USB MP4 video kayıtçı
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Datavideo HDR-1 – HDMI USB MP4 video kayıtçı
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H.264 HD video kayıtçı
1 HDMI giriş ve 1 HDMI çıkış
NTFS formatta USB belleklere kayıt yapar
Dosya formatı MP4 (H.264)
3D desteği (top to bottom ve side by side)

Record and playback HD videos in the ubiquitous H.264 format without a PC using the Datavideo HDR-1 Standalone H.264 Recorder and Player. To get started, plug in an NTFS-formatted USB flash drive, and the HDR-1 will automatically set itself up to record or playback video to/from the drive. Whether your productions have HD or SD equipment, the HDR-1 can handle it. Resolutions of up to 1080p at 30fps are supported for recording, and bit-rates of up to 20 Mbps ensure that the recordings retain detail.

Once your video is recorded, you can remove the flash drive and distribute the video, or move it to a hard drive for archiving, sharing directly to the web (no transcoding required for most hosting services), or editing later. Basic editing maneuvers, such as cutting unwanted segments can be made inside the HDR-1. If someone is actively operating the HDR-1, the pause button can temporarily stop the recording during a break in the event while keeping the recording in a single file, removing extra post-event editing steps.

Existing H.264 videos can be loaded onto a flash drive for playback on the HDR-1. Connect an HDMI display and use the front-panel controls or software control via RS-232 to navigate files and control playback. RS-232 and GPI can also control recording start/stop with separately available hardware as part of a larger A/V setup.

Capture HD video up to 1080p30
Video pass-through
Records and plays back standard MP4 files (H.264+AAC)
Standard USB flash drives for recording media
Does not require a PC for operation
3-20 Mbps bit-rate options (resolution dependent)
Basic integrated editing functionality
Supports 3D video formats

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