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In the internet era, it is simple to create a TV channel. You need choose a website such as YouTube, upload videos and you became a TV channel owner. You can also set up your online web show on your own site if you prefer that way.

Your own web TV channel is an opportunity to promote your business and your brand. Before you launch, you should have a clear idea about your programming.

You don't have to broadcast for 24/7. If your market research shows the best time to catch your target audience is the evenings, put your best stuff on that time of the day. Later in the day you can go with reruns of your live shows, prerecorded videos in your archive, etc..

Setting up your own website with your own domain name works better for promoting your business but takes more work and money. You'll also need a web hosting company and a CDN that can handle the bandwidth streaming requires. If you plan to record material yourself, you'll need a good camera, high-quality audio equipment, video editing software on your computer and a studio to film in.

A space in your business or home may be good enough, if you can set up good lighting and possibly soundproofing. When choosing a location, put some thought into your background. A video of you in your office, for instance, can show your viewers personal details about you or convey you're a real professional. Setting up a backdrop puts the focus entirely on you and what you're saying.

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