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VITEC MGW Ace Decoder – Professional Portable HEVC & H.264 Decoder

VITEC MGW Ace Decoder –  Professional Portable HEVC & H.264 Decoder
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VITEC MGW Ace Decoder – Professional Portable HEVC & H.264 Decoder
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MGW Ace Decoder is a professional grade, high performance IP decoding appliance supporting the latest bandwidth efficient HEVC/H.265 and H.264/AVC compression standards. It features a robust portable enclosure perfectly suited for field use and provides best-in-class video quality over a rich and industry-standard audio/video connectivity.

For point-to-point applications, when paired with VITEC MGW Ace Encoder, bandwidth efficient HEVC codec and built-in stream protection technologies, Zixi or SMPTE 2022 Pro-MPEG, the solution delivers optimal quality of service over any network for an unparalleled viewing experience.

Compact MGW Ace Decoder provides low latency 100% hardware based decoding with easy setup delivering fast operation in the field via its intuitive web interface. Designed in a robust aluminum enclosure, it delivers reliable broadcast quality decoding of HEVC or H.264 streams up to 1080p60 4:2:2 10 bits (respectively Main422 10P@L4.1 and Hi10@L4.2). As latency is key in any IPTV application, MGW Ace Decoder minimizes the decoding process cycle without compromising video quality.

MGW Ace Decoder provides best-in-class video quality and versatile connectivity with its exceptional video scaling, frame sampling and de-interlacing for any stream to any output resolutions/framerate. The appliance offers a large panel of video connectivity with 12G-SDI, HDMI2.0, 3G-SDI and composite outputs which can be activated simultaneously.

Covering an event or for sensitive applications, MGW Ace Decoder is designed to always provide the best possible viewing experience and never miss a single frame. When paired with MGW Ace Encoder, the set provide a bandwidth efficient error-free video streaming solution over any network including the internet. With its stream forwarding feature, MGW Ace Decoder efficiently redistributes the incoming stream within a private LAN/WAN network.

With its unique flexible 4K capable FPGA architecture, MGW Ace Decoder is a future proof solution and ensures staying ahead of the game.


  • DSNG contribution decode over Satellite, Cellular networks and more
  • Point to Point live contribution on private or public networks
  • Situational Awareness and Full Motion Video (FMV) display on video walls and monitors
  • Simultaneously display HEVC stream in HD and SD over 2x SDI ports
  • HEVC feed monitoring on an IP network over SDI / HDMI or Composite

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