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EDIUS X Pro Jump Upgrade

EDIUS X Pro Jump Upgrade
EDIUS X Pro Jump Upgrade
EDIUS X Pro Jump Upgrade
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EDIUS X Pro Jump Upgrade
EDIUS X Pro Jump Upgrade
EDIUS X Pro Jump Upgrade
EDIUS X Pro Jump Upgrade
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EDIUS X Pro Jump Upgrade

EDIUS Pro versions 2-8 is an upgrade model from EDIUS EDU, Home edition and Neo editions to EDIUS X Pro.


EDIUS X marks the beginning of a new era in software editing. EDIUS X comes with a completely redesigned core engine for fully customizable workflows, along with a modular concept that provides even greater performance. For almost 20 years, EDIUS's hallmarks have been its stability, performance and creative tools. EDIUS is used in all industries, from broadcasters and news agencies to government agencies, corporate productions, independent filmmakers, video creators and video enthusiasts.

EDIUS Pro is the perfect tool for all professional productions, including documentary and 4K cinematic productions. It is one of the most preferred editing programs by national and local TVs, public institutions, municipalities, production companies, Youtubers or anyone who deals with video in short.

The new modular design of EDIUS X will allow Grass Valley to continually update and improve EDIUS X features and workflow options. This will allow meeting user demands, incorporating new technologies and web services into the software itself. For example, machine learning technology during the ongoing development of EDIUS X. All EDIUS 10.xx updates will still be free for the software's approximately 2 or 3 year lifecycle. You buy EDIUS once and your license is yours forever!

New features coming with EDIUS X:

· Background rendering and exporting

· GV Job monitor(Tool to monitor all background render activities)

· Motion Tracker with Chase Mode(Allows you to easily add a tag, animation or video clip to the object you marked.)

· Motion Tracker with Anchor Mode(Make your image reframe automatically according to the tracked object.)

Free EDIUS-exclusive plug-in packages ( Acon Digital (audio) +  Newblue Titler pro 7 (text) +  proDAD Vitascene V4 (transition effects))

· H.265 output (Very fast export render time with NVIDIA GPU support.)

· Graphical UI color (A slightly darker color and an improved graphical user interface make it easier to work with.)

· Draft mode(Draft-Preview mode which now allows real-time playback of as many video layers as you want.)

Optimized Performance(A fully performance-based and future-proof design.)

Optimized Audio Sync Performance(Even faster auto audio sync function for multi-camera experience.)

· Integrated software support for the latest cameras and codecs without the need for transcoding.

· VST plug-in support (Extended VST plug-in support)

· Improved SDK 

You can see the new features of EDIUS X with application videos in more detail on our special page:

EDIUS X System requirements: 

Windows 10 (64-bit) (version 1903 or later)

· CPU supporting AVX2: Intel 4th generation or newer or equivalent AMD processor. (EDIUS X will not work if your processor does not support AVX2 technology.)

Minimum 8GB RAM – 16GB or more recommended for 4K projects.

Video card with 1GB of VRAM or more – 2GB or more recommended for 4K projects.

· Sound card with WDM driver support.

· Internet connection is absolutely required for the activation of EDIUS in the first installation, the program cannot be run without activation. In the Pro version, it is necessary to be connected to the internet at least once a month for continuous use of the software. Offline activation and use without internet is possible in the Workgroup version.


In order to run EDIUS, the EDIUS ID must also be entered in an information screen that opens again after the serial number is entered. This screen appears when running EDIUS for the first time after installation, and you can start working with EDIUS after authentication is confirmed. EDIUS ID consists of an e-mail and password combination. EDIUS ID is absolutely required to run the trial or full version of EDIUS.

EDIUS Trial Version

You can try EDIUS for free for 30 days. EDIUS trial versions carry full version features, only a watermark is added to your work.

EDIUS Training Videos
To get started with EDIUS quickly, you can access our free basic and intermediate training videos of more than 5 hours in total, and podcasts with tips and tricks at


you install MYNC EDIUS 8, 9 and X, the free program Mync is also installed. Mync is a media content management tool. mync; It's the perfect tool for previewing, tagging, organizing and even organizing your media. One of the most useful innovations in Mync is the Storyboard feature. This feature allows you to easily and quickly edit short videos and create practical short videos. Offering excellent features especially for photographers and YouTubers, Mync is also a very useful tool for professional users.

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