Datavideo DVK-300HD – HD Chroma key ve Luma key cihazı

Datavideo DVK-300HD – HD Chroma key ve Luma key cihazı
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Datavideo DVK-300HD – HD Chroma key ve Luma key cihazı
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HD Chroma key ve Luma key çözüm 3G-SDI ,HD/SD SDI , HDMI (1.4) girişler 2 SDI çıkış ve HDMI çıkış

The DVK-300 Chromakeyer from Datavideo allows you to use your PC to create real time HD or SD Chroma keying using the included DVKey HD Software designed to work with Windows 7, 8 and XP. Shoot your HDMI or SDI video and feed it into the Chromakeyer. Foreground and background are entered separately and can be layered to produce the final images you desire. Post processing features allow you to make changes to the foreground brightness, contrast and color saturation. Final productions can be output to any video output device such as a switcher, recorder, or projector.

The Chromakeyer incorporates noise reduction, color spill processing as well as a garbage mask feature that eliminates bad edges. Signal LEDs display the your input format. And, if everything should go wrong, a reset feature restores the unit to its original factory settings. The system operates on 110/220VAC, 50/60 Hz via the included power adapter.

Key noise reduction
Color spill processing
Edge brightness control
Post processing - correction of picture parameters (brightness, contrast, saturation) applied on foreground signal after keying process
Video inputs (SD, HD, and 3G)
Background inputs SDI, DVI-I (HDMI, DVI, VGA)- in case of VGA input the best quality will be available when VGA resolutions will be as close as possible to output resolution
Camera inputs (foreground): SDI, HDMI
Video outputs (SD, HD, and 3G)
Main output 1 (2xSDI) - (foreground + background) or matte view
Main output 2 (HDMI) - (foreground + background) or matte view
Garbage mask - User can define rectangle area which will be taken as garbage mask for Chromakeying process
LAN: DHCP support, in case system receives IP address automatically set User has the possibility to set his own IP address in case there is no DHCP availability so he can work in other network segment
RS 232: remote PC control port that will be functional when future firmware updates are applied
Signal LEDs: Signal detects/ inputs format present
RESET: Reset button will restore factory default

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