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BON BVS-100 – HD-SDI/HDMI Video Switcher

BON BVS-100 – HD-SDI/HDMI Video Switcher
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BON BVS-100 – HD-SDI/HDMI Video Switcher
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Bon Video Switcher BVS-100 offers 3 SDI and 2 HDMI input, which accepts 4 inputs simultaneously for multi-camera system. The 4 input pictures are monitored on a single monitor with its quad display.


  • Accepts Multi-Format Mixed Inputs

    For any resolution and FPS, it displays quad-splitted preview on the monitor.

  • Lightweight and Easy Installation

    This small switcher can be installed anywhere due to its lightweight.

  • Control by USB Mouse or Key Pad

    All functions are controlled by the included USB key pad. User may use his/her own USB mouse(e.g.Logitech B100) by preference.

  • Audio Monitoring

    Audio level meters can be displayed for each channel, and a headphone port is back of the device.

  • 'No Signal' Indication

    Although it has no signal on input, it displays a color bar by settings instead of noise.

  • Chroma Key Extraction

    Blue/Green Chroma Key background can be extracted for the background shooted in a balanced light.

  • Free from Getting Hot

    The device itself doesn't get hot compare to other portable video switchers.

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