How your company can use online broadcasts

It does not matter what exactly your company produces or sells: in any case, online broadcasts are exactly what you need if you do not want to miss a single opportunity to promote and popularize your business. We could give you dozens of ways to use live broadcasts for any company, but in this article, we'll look at five major ones that will help bring your business to success.

Seminars and trainings are easy!

When it comes to training trainings, you have a real opportunity to save your time and money by organizing such events remotely by recording video broadcasts. Unfortunately, such video events require a lot of time for preparation, quickly lose relevance and are practically devoid of interactivity, unlike personal meetings.

But you can easily fix all these shortcomings with the help of online webinars or trainings! With their help, you can even organize a whole corporate training course for your employees, even if before you did not have enough time and budget for this.

Now, not only you yourself can limit the cost of money and time for trips, but also more effectively organize the work of your trainers and instructors, without shifting the dates of events, with all the necessary training materials available on the network, etc. Users can interact with the coach through comments, as for example, it is possible on such famous online resources as YouTube and Facebook.

And the most useful side of such online learning is the opportunity to receive feedback from the viewer who has requested to participate in the webinar or who wants to see the webinar in the post-event record.

Tip : To get results on a professional level, we always recommend using a high-quality video camera, such as the Canon VIXIA G20, and not just a webcam. This will significantly reduce the noise on your video and improve the quality of the material. To capture the video signal, we recommend using our video grabbers .

Effective interaction with employees and investors

Previously, all meetings with employees and negotiations with investors were conducted by managers solely in person or by phone. Often this implied that the manager had to move quickly from one office to another or connect substitute employees to be present at the meeting in his place.

But now there is a much better way! Now you can meet and talk with all the necessary people using online translation.

Here in Epiphan we develop and create unique products that can easily transfer video signals to a local server, such as Wowza Streaming Server or broadcast in a special corporate type Workplace from Facebook. Depending on your technical capabilities and budget, you can create a standard broadcast using one professional camera, and organize a large-scale video event with switching channels, adding the necessary effects and processing the video directly during the broadcast.

With the possibility of direct video transmission, any participant no longer needs to be in the same city or country. Regardless of your geographical location, you can bring the right information to the right person. And the deputies will be able to devote their time to new projects, and not to travel through meetings instead of their leader.

Tip : Routine work meetings can be boring. Attention to viewers, using the "picture in the picture" or other unusual arrangement of frames on the screen. When the rapporteur changes or the meeting moves on to the next agenda item, supplement the video with relevant information subtitles. Using the capabilities of shooting the camera with support for 4K, as well as our multifunctional system Pearl-2 , scale and crop the image in accordance with your tasks for effective information delivery.

Professional organization of virtual meetings

Perhaps you are already doing something like that! And you have experience of holding such events using Skype for Business, GoTo Meeting or similar services. But now you can make the most of this activity.

When the customers of video meetings rent your conference room, how easy is it for you to organize a connection? Do you use a document camera during events and how fast does it connect? Do you need to record activities?

Using Epiphan HD ™ , a portable video grabber, you can capture video from virtually any source and transfer it to your computer, as if it were a signal from a normal webcam. No driver installation is required, now your customers can simply connect the device to their laptop and start broadcasting!

To record and broadcast their own events, Epiphan Video uses the Pearl-2 device in the meeting rooms. This device makes it possible to record important meetings, share necessary information from various sources and documents, and to switch or merge channels directly during the broadcast.

Tip : The next time you prepare the equipment for the webinar, pay attention to the video quality, lighting and viewing angle of your camera. It's not just a whim, it's an opportunity to really improve the impression of your broadcast and make the presentation of the video more professional.

The most important thing in the digital world: social networks

It is no surprise that in the recent poll on the best partners for the digital video industry, conducted by more than 300 marketing agencies, social networks like Facebook have come first, more than 68% of respondents voted for them. Next come social video platforms, such as YouTube.

The device best suited for online shows, like the weekly video meeting Live @ Epiphan, Epiphan Pearl-2 ™ allows you to stream several video sources at the same time, regardless of their location. At the same time, you can broadcast both on YouTube and Facebook.

Both large-scale social platforms allow you to find your Internet audience, for which your video-broadcasts will be interesting and important. Your channel will have subscribers, users will download the video after the broadcast, wait for news and updates on your channel. Thus, one should not underestimate the impact of social resources on the development of your business.

For simple online broadcasts to social networks YouTube and Facebook using only one video camera, we recommend Epiphan Webcaster X2 ™ . This device is specifically designed for broadcasting to these social platforms from any HDMI source. Just add this device to your account and click the Start button. And on Facebook you can even use the option of broadcasting 24 × 7 (for example, for corporate or charity events that are held for a long time live).

Tip : Not sure what you have, what to show the public on social networks? Try to look at your company from outside, take off the interview with the leaders of various directions, developers, or organize events aimed at social recognition of your brand.

Announcement of new products and demonstration

When your company launches a new product or service, you can immediately announce it to subscribers, employees, or your business partners via online broadcast. .

For the announcement of new products, connect a high-quality video camera to one of our devices Epiphan 4K ™, HD ™ or Pearl-2 and show the product in all angles! When you run the software or a new application, demonstrate the new features and capabilities of your development. You can pre-shoot the necessary material and use "cutting" in the process of a live video broadcast.

You can not even imagine how popular and popular these demonstration broadcasts are! You will have a great opportunity to get real feedback from your online audience, and you will always have a video announcement of a new product in your record that you can send to customers on demand.

Tip Tip: For successful streaming on YouTube or Facebook Live, forget about the tags and description for your video. This will help to properly organize organic search traffic to your video material even after your broadcast is completed. And if the bandwidth of your network allows, then make videos for YouTube with a resolution of 4 K with our Pearl-2 !

Online success is already on the threshold of your company

We hope that our tips will help you to improve interaction with your customers and employees, and also will allow you to open the widest opportunities for the development of your business in new segments of the consumer market. Thank you for choosing Epiphan!